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Eco-modular design by Siméon Starck

Born on stage

Elmire studio was born on the theatre stage.
In 2022 for the 400th anniversary of Molière, Siméon Starck plays Le Tartuffe in Paris. Amidst an empty space, a single element had to stand tall — a table. This table has its own role in the play, as it became the catalyst for truth, revealing the imposter to the host who had long been deceived.
That’s when the first sketches were drawn.

Designed to reveal the obvious

Obvious, is the reaction of people when they catch how the pieces are designed. One panel of ply, two metal arches, no glue, no screws. Parametric cuttings on the wood makes it flexible, the bended steel bars give it its shape and its strength. From that point, think of a line then turn it to a volume. We are always interested in discussing custom-made objects with you.

Singular and plural

None of our pieces of furniture is locked in a shape.
As easy as you assemble it, as easy it is to make it flat again. The plywood keeps its flexibility and can take an infinite range of shapes. From a table, to a bed frame, a stool to a lamp, a coffee table to a bench.

Playful and sustainable

This unique feature allows for easy flat packing, making it highly convenient for storage and transportation. Furthermore, this design approach facilitates the product's lifecycle, as each component can be easily separated, changed or recycled.
We always try to minimize the environmental impact of our work.

Siméon Starck

With a special trajectory spanning industrial architecture, ornamental moldings, and dramatic arts, Siméon brings a multidisciplinary approach to his creations.
Self-taught designer, he draws and conceives all of his pieces himself.

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Photo : Mathias Zwick
Shooting DA : Loïc Untereiner